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insulation contractors near me
insulation contractors near me

industrial & Commercial PROJECTS


our services

Industrial Insulation

  • Power Generation

  • Manufacturing

  • Waste to Energy

  • Distribution Systems

  • Paper Mills

Featuring a complete range of insulation services:

  • Piping & equipment

  • Storage tanks

  • Boilers, fans, exhaust ducts

  • Turbines - removable blankets

  • Process vessels & equipment


Commercial Insulation

  • Hospitals

  • Schools

  • Shopping Centers

  • Office Complexes

  • Condo-Apartments

Featuring a complete range of insulation services:

  • Hot + cold piping

  • HVAC duct systems

  • Refrigeration & piping equipment

  • Process piping & equipment

  • Storage tanks

  • Emergency generator piping & mufflers

Insulation applications to satisfy your conservation requirements:

  • Fiberglass

  • Calcium silicate

  • Perlite

  • Foam glass

  • Urethane

  • Metal jacketing

  • Mineral wool

  • Cement, mastics, adhesives

  • Metal + PVC fitting covers

  • System Installation

insulation contractors near me
insulation contractors near me

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Excellent customer service and fast response. Thrilled to have found a quality contractor near me. Highly recommend.

Bob Y. | January 19, 2023

What our clients say

Thanks so much for your quick turnaround and for affordably getting our insulation issue resolved. Looking forward to working with you all again.
Annette G. | January 22, 2023
Quality work is done right the first time. The new go-to for commercial insulation services near me!
Eduardo P. | January 16, 2023

about us


KMK is a Family-owned business. Established by Kevin and Michael Visnic in 1990, North Haven-based KMK Insulation Inc. has become one of Connecticut's most significant mechanical insulation contractors working in the Northeast.


KMK installs insulation to mechanical systems in various building types, such as hospitals, office buildings, factories, and schools. Located in New Haven County, CT, we are ideally situated to service the greater Northeast, including the tri-state area and New England, for all commercial and industrial insulation needs.

KMK Insulation Inc. has the experience, strength, and financial stability to support large industrial and commercial projects throughout the Northeast. With over 150 years of managerial experience, KMK Insulation Inc. is committed to providing quality service to meet your insulation needs.


KMK Insulation Inc. is in the business of providing labor and materials to insulate all mechanical systems with every type of insulation available to our industry. This includes, but is not limited to

·     pipes

·     tanks

·     ducts

·     boilers

·     reactors

·     kitchen hood exhaust ducts

·     boiler breechings

We can attribute much of our success to our commitment to service.

KMK Insulation Inc. has a proven set of objectives to help us reach a level of service you won't find elsewhere:

  • Immediate response to customer's needs

  • Skilled field personnel

  • Expert supervision

  • Job safety training

  • Reliable contract administration

  • Reliable cost estimates

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